The BMDS Charitable Trust

Since its inception in 2001, the Trust has made distributions in the form of bursaries to university students pursuing degrees in the performing and related arts, to the Bermuda School of Music Bursary Programme, donations back to BMDS for equipment and workshops, and other distributions to promote music and theatre in Bermuda totaling nearly $400,000.00!

In 2021, our 20th Anniversary, the Trust once again provided 4 Bursaries of $5,000 to Bermudian students enrolled in an accredited performing or technical arts programme. Applications for Bursaries can made through commencing in spring of each year.

Donations can be sent to

The BMDS Charitable Trust, PO Box DV 631, Devonshire  DV BX

Past bursary recipients:

2003Tyler Barker
2004Katrina Kawaley-Lathan
2005James Birch, Kerri-Lynne Dietz, Kendia Gill
2006Kerri-Lynne Dietz, Zawditu Maryam, Madison Mello
2007Matthew Bento, Jelani Douglas, Zawditu Maryam, Tamicka Johnson
2008Kerri-Lynne Dietz, Tamicka Johnson, Roy Richardson
2009Winton Brangman, Alex Cabral, Paige Hallett, Roy Richardson, Matthew Ross
2010Christopher Frith, Paige Hallett, David Pitman, Matthew Ross
2011Christopher Frith, Shana Parker, Malachi Simmons, Yesha Townsend
2012Hannah Dill, Julian Johnson, Malachi Simmons, Victoria Watlington
2013Hayley Cann, Kristen Darrell, Shareef Hinds, Malachi Simmons
2014Jadiyah Bailey, Eryn Beach, Arielle DeSilva, Fredrika Hill, Marcus Smith
2015Eryn Beach, Kioshi Burgess, Shareef Hinds, Riley Mello, Julia Frith Quinn, Marcus Smith
2016Jadiyah Bailey, Eryn Beach, Kioshi Burgess, Julia Frith Quinn, Treasure Tannock
2017Kioshi Burgess, Ryan Day, Shanna Henry, Shona Maule, Ebonae Pringle
2018Ryan Day, Mikaela Kawaley-Lathan, Shona Maule, Alexis Smith, Natacha Kneeland-Lloyd (Grant)
2019Jadiyah Bailey, Ryan Day, Angelis Hunt, Lauren Mendes, Leslie Tucker
2020Nathan Fagundo, Angelis Hunt, Waverley Moran, Leslie Tucker
2021Zayla Bolin, Skye Minors, John Seymour, Jesaiah Talbot