Wine Women Song

Wine Women Song

Wine, Women and Song!

Interested in singing but intimidated by the prospect of a formal group setting or lessons? Want to increase your confidence to take your singing further? Or do you just love to sing even though you aren't sure you'd ever want to "do" anything with it?

Well, Ladies, we are offering you a chance to decompress at BMDS! We're going to leave the partners, kids and worries behind for a couple of hours on a weekend, have a glass of wine or two, meet new friends and do some singing while we're at it. Lisa Maule, who has been musical director for many BMDS productions, is offering up her time at the piano and some musical instruction for us to sing a few songs together. Whatever you decide to do with that is up to you - no pressure to audition for any shows, or be part of a formal group - just enjoy yourselves around the piano for a couple of hours. We'll be doing some contemporary and Broadway numbers that won't be overcomplicated or too classical. We will be gathering on Sundays in the afternoon for the next few weeks, at least. This is for ladies 18 years of age or older.

So here's what you have to do:

  • Email us at to indicate your interest and let us what you think you're range might be - can you hit the high notes or do you prefer to keep it down low? Or do you already know if you're a first or second Soprano or Alto?
  • Pass the word. This is not limited to BMDS members - all are welcome!
  • Bring cash! There's no fee for this, but the BMDS bar (which will be manned, ahem, "womaned", by one of our lovely volunteer bartenders) does not take credit cards. A glass of wine is only $6!
  • Be prepared to sing a few songs, meet other like-minded ladies, and have a great time. See you there!