Recent past productions that have been featured on this website. For a full list of past productions including programs and cast/crew details, please visit our archives pages.


24 Hours to Curtain

Fri, 15 Mar,2024
Student Edition Live Theatre. Pulled out of a Hat. Literally. Six 10-minute plays - written, rehearsed and performed in only 24 hours. Students Ages 14 to 18, we want you! Join us for an intense, exciting and rewarding 24 hours. Produced and performed by YOU with the guidance of BMDS Mentors. WHEN: 6.00pm Friday March 15th to 10.00pm Saturday March 16th. WHERE: Daylesford Theatre See...
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Moments Musicaux

Fri, 08 Mar,2024
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Thu, 29 Feb,2024
Tickets available at from February 6 In 1941 Werner Heisenberg visited Neil's Bohr, his former mentor and research colleague, in Copenhagen in Nazi-occupied Denmark. Why did he visit Neil's Bohr and what was discussed? No-one knows for sure, but this question was the subject of intense debate for his entire life. This uncertainty is at the core of the drama surrounding the development...
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Cinderella – A Christmas Pantomime

Thu, 07 Dec,2023
A modern-day mom is frustrated with electronic device-happy children; insisting that the children put down their phones and use their imaginations to create a story.  They spin a tale of a once-wealthy Baron, now hard up because of his pesky stepdaughters’ extravagant use of his credit cards. He is sad being unable to prevent his stepdaughters, who are also on the rather ugly side, from...
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Doubt – A Parable

Thu, 16 Feb,2023
In 1964 the winds of change are sweeping through Sister Aloysius’ St. Nicholas school. Father Flynn, a charismatic priest, is advocating reform of the school's strict customs, and the first black student has just been accepted. When a fellow nun tells Sister Aloysius that Father Flynn may be paying too much personal attention to the student, Sister Aloysius begins a personal crusade against the...
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Sleeping Beauty 2022

Wed, 30 Nov,2022
The Pantomime returns to the Earl Cameron Theatre Stage as The Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society presents Sleeping Beauty. The Panto has been a fixture in Bermuda for over 50 years but was missing the last two years due to Covid.   Local Director Laura Bardgett very much wanted to return to the golden age of BMDS pantomimes with a traditional storyline combined with local themes. She...
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